HyStem Question

The Glycosil (HA) vials contain 10 mg of material (6 vials x 10 mg each) and the Extralink-lite vials contain 2.5 mg of diacrylated PEG (3 x 2.5 mg).

The DFU recommends solubilizing the Glycosil in 1 mL of water, and the Extralink in 0.5 mL of water, and then adding them together in a 4:1 volume (1 mL glyosil HA to 0.25 mL extralink) for a total volume of 1.25 mL.

This will result in ~8 mg/ml HA hydrogel.

The degree of thiolation of Glycosil is 40-45% of COOH are Thiolated (~1 mM thiol /mg Glycosil) and the molecular weight is about 240 kDa.